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Guest Blog: Surely Brexit Kills GPDR?

Wondering whether Brexit cancels out GDPR? Find out with IT Professional And Data Protection Consultant James Dell's blog post below...

I am going to make this quick and but maybe not painless... NO!

If the U.K intends to continue operating services or working with the EU then it must maintain its obligations to meet the requirements of the regulations. Simply leaving the EU does not mean that the U.K won’t want to trade with the EEA, therefore all the regulations laid out in GDPR will simply have to be passed into British law.
To that effect the British government unveiled the British Data Protection Bill, this legislation simply copies all the articles and recitals in the EU document and pastes it into British law. There are some minor changes, but these where always changes the government had the right to make, like the legal age for consent etc.
So for all of you out there who where hoping to simply hide under a rock until 2019 when Brexit happens and then return to operating as you do now, I am afraid your business need to get GDPR compliant.
If you found James' article helpful, you can find out more or contact him here.
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