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TGt Meets...Gemma George, Director of Horizon Experiences - IWD Special

Gemma George, Director, Horizon Experiences, A South West based event company specializing in premier cinematic experiences and providing luxury bell tent glamping experiences including indoor wigwam/teepee sleepover hire.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #choosetochallenge – what would you choose to challenge when it comes to gender equality or inequality this year? This could be in business or life in general.

I think the most noticeable challenge in my experience has been the gateway to career and job opportunities over and above men and the ease of growing into roles in a male dominated world.

Thinking of your own experience in the world of business – which inequalities, if any, have you experienced personally or witnessed around gender?

In an environment where my job relies on connecting with all levels of business there have been times when it has been apparent my gender has been taken into consideration before anything else.

Have you during your career ever challenged a situation where you felt a woman (even it’s yourself) has been disadvantaged by gender?

No, I tend to ignore and focus on the task or objective in hand.

What do you think women offer in particular to the world of business?

Women tend to be much more diverse (because they've had to be) and usually have a good understanding of not just their own specialism but skills in others areas. I also believe are much more pro-active and work on quicker turnarounds/timescales, but can do so while including people around them and ensuring good quality.

Is gender important when it comes to success in business?

100%, yes.

Can you name up to three women in business or in your organisation or in the wider business community that you admire?

Sharon Lewis - Sharon continually looks for opportunities for business development; maintains a beautifully high standard of customer services and cares about everything she delivers. It's her nature to think of others first and be kind, and does so dressed; pressed and looking good with a smile everyday.

The ladies at Niche Events - both sisters and the wider family continue to give over and above for the local community all the while maintaining multiple businesses and children. They work relentlessly and continue to drive their business to achieve more and are at the heart of most large and key events locally.

I can't not mention, Rachel from TGT. A beautiful person inside and out and someone I am lucky enough to call my friend. Constantly looking to go over and above for not just clients but those people around her. A great mum, business woman and wife. Also, she's extremely funny.

Do you think women who start their own business experience more challenges than men?

Can you explain why you think this? I think there are often challenges people could come against, however, I believe I'm a strong woman and so I glide over them challenges, however, not worried about calling them out if needed.

What do you think about the gender pay gap? Why do you think this?

It's very very frustrating, and even more so when companies or businesses will try to hide it. It seems that only in more senior roles can that gender pay gap become less and less. In a world that relies on both women and men to keep the economy turning, the pay is not reflected and is something that businesses should be focused on always. HR will often set the boundaries, but line managers will favor people over others and ultimately there isn't enough control around it.

What do you think about the International Women’s Day movement?

It's important for businesses to take notice of the movement, and understand why we talk about it. It's encouraging when we see male business leaders/hiring managers who recognize the message, but would be even better when more people are able to truly demonstrate equality.

Find out more about Horizion Experiences by visiting their Facebook page here.

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