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Florist Charlotte Phipps has opened her first shop in Wanborough after starting her own floristry business during lockdown.

The mum of two from Swindon has 17 years’ experience in the trade in spite of being sacked early on in her career for making a spelling mistake. 

“I have severe dyslexia,” Charlotte said, “I started working in a flower shop as a Saturday girl and then became an apprentice. I loved the creativity of working with flowers and plants, they do speak a thousand words. 

“However during my apprenticeship I made a bad spelling mistake – and was sacked on the spot. I was told that I’d never make in floristry, that my dyslexia was a deal-breaker. Clearly that person was wrong, dyslexia is actually my superpower. Flowers are my words and always will be.”

Undeterred, Charlotte (32) persevered, gained her qualifications and went on to work as a florist in several shops around Wiltshire. 

“Floristry is my life, my family know how much time it takes and they support me and always have. When my children were small, I felt it for this very reason it wasn’t fair to start my own business and was better to work for someone else. 

“Flowers are the tools to create art, they speak to emotion and memory. They tell a bride she is truly special on her special day, they tell a grieving family that their loved one was important and will always matter. They brighten anyone’s day and they light up a room.” 

Charlotte Phipps Florist operates from a bespoke converted barn at Marsh Farm in Wanborough and is open six days week. Her parents John and Jane own the farm and have gladly supported her to finally run her own business. 

“Mum, Dad and my step dad Rob have been so supportive along with my husband Andy,” Charlotte said. “They’ve always wanted me to run my own business. It was actually last year that I realised the time had come to commit. My former employer told me she was going to take more time off in 2020 as sales were always up when she wasn’t around – I was the manager – so she wasn’t going to be around as often. 

“It made me realise I was building someone else’s dream while having the stress of running someone else’s business. Why not just run my own business and build my own dream?”

Initially Charlotte worked from home however flowers and plants soon took over the home she shares with husband Andy and sons Ollie, 11 and Jasper, aged eight. She asked her parents if she could convert a barn on their farm into her first flower shop. Today Charlotte works six days a week at the shop and also delivers flowers and plants around Swindon to a ten mile radius

“Anyone can drop in if they are passing, or call to make an appointment, I just ask if you are coming to give me a quick ring or a text to ensure I’m there and not out doing deliveries.” 

For more information visit www.charlottephipps.co.uk or call 07340 543341 (please be aware social distancing is adhered to within the shop and a face mask must be worn). 

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