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Correct Careers Coaching's Award-Winning e-Learning Sales Course

Like Stephen Covey’s habit ‘Synergy’: two heads are better than one.

Two experts have joined forces in Sales and HR experience to develop personalised B2B sales course for HR consultants.

Selling techniques within this course can also be applied to other professions/industries who sell services business to business (B2B).

This course provides you with text, diagrams, and audio with real examples and stories for selling better within a competitive market.

Full course details are below, enjoy!

What our Reviews say:

“The free resources are brilliant and will help any HR Consultant Vision success!”

“Enhancing the LinkedIn profile and connecting and building prospective client relationships…”

“They share various experiences and scenarios, offering solutions that are practical and hugely helpful.”

“Understands fully the main challenges HR professionals face and realises that a high percentage have never had any Sales or Marketing training.”

“They provide tangible tools which focus on purpose, goals, and sales strategy.”

Course Details:

Title: B2B Sales Training For HR Consultants

Link Access:

Price: £297.00 discounted to only £47.00 (for a limited time only)

Online course (to complete at your own pace): 4 bitesize modules with video and slides, activities to practice the sales techniques, and 4 guides and 1 bonus LinkedIn guide to provide you with the prompts for selling successfully!

Duration: 1.30 Hours

After course completion: Opportunity for a free 30-minute discovery chat with an expert Sales Trainer

WHY is this bespoke B2B Sales Training for HR Consultants course for you?

  • You are an HR expert but have had no or limited sales training in a business to business environment
  • You are hesitant for promoting yourself and services (all that you offer) to build NEW client relationships
  • You are speaking with prospective clients, but the conversation ends before or at the proposal stage – is your conversation engaging and compelling enough?


The key outcomes this unique sales course will deliver to HR professionals are:

  • Turning a LinkedIn message into a scheduled discovery call/video conference.
  • Know what to say in a sales pitch/meeting and how to communicate with your prospect to reach the proposal stage.
  • How to follow-up with prospects strategically to win more clients.
  • Writing copy for scripts, social media, and email selling.
  • Feel more confident and assertive when selling to new prospects.

Following this course, you will Go For It! When you achieve your goals and successes… Remember to celebrate your wins!

During this course, you will experience an expert Sales Trainer and HR Professional covering:

  • Marketing yourself effectively over LinkedIn and how to increase your profile views!
  • How to position your business against competitors and qualify your future clients
  • Top Tips for social media marketing and engaging with ideal clients
  • Outselling your competitors with compelling communication
  • A comprehensive framework from call to close with a new prospect
  • Different openings, questions, and delivering conversations with conviction
  • Needs-based selling to identify the prospects requirements
  • How to handle objections with confidence
  • Techniques for closing your sale and following-up
  • How to handle the ‘money’ conversation.

During this course we will take you on an easy to follow SALES journey (with case stories, anecdotes, and tailored content for the HR sector) from identifying your ideal client to money in your bank.

The 4 Modules (20 minutes approx. each) include sales content and methods for:

Module 1 – Identifying Your B2B Clients (ICP): Preparing you for a sale pitch!

*Do you know who and how to identify your future clients are? You will be excited to find out techniques for this during this module.

  • Market Mapping for the prospects who will buy from you
  • LinkedIn headhunt – preparation for a discovery call with decision makers
  • Sales Process – The buying experience of your future client

Key Outcome: Feel more confident and assertive.

Guide included: Goal setting and realising your strengths -A boost in your confidence and prioritising business goals.

Module 2 – LinkedIn Profile (Marketing Yourself): How to socially sell!

*If you are like the 83% of sales professionals who would like more support utilising social media for building client relationships – this module is for you!

  • Creating an All-Star LinkedIn profile
  • Social Media marketing – what to post and when!
  • A framework for developing new client relationships via LinkedIn

Key Outcome: How to turn a LinkedIn message into a scheduled appointment for a discovery call/video conference. As well as a framework for writing copy for scripts, social media, and email selling.

Guide Included: Guidelines for LinkedIn direct messages and finalising your All-Star LinkedIn Profile!

Module 3 – Discovery Call/Video Conference Techniques: The beginning of the sales transaction!

*This module also includes what HR Consultants should NOT to do during a client discovery call.

  • Introduction with impact – How to gain your prospects attention immediately
  • ·uestioning and building rapport at ease
  • The importance of communication styles and body language

Key Outcome: Know what to say in a sales call/meeting and how to deliver it to win more clients.

Guide Included: Scripts for discovery calls: How-to create your own script to stay in control of the sales pitch conversation.

Module 4 – Strategic Conversation for a Sales Call/Meeting: Money in your bank!

*Some clients are only experiencing 10%-15% conversion rates – what is going wrong during the client’s buying experience? This module will show you how to increase the conversion rates for your business.

  • Needs-based selling for your unique service USPs
  • Objection handling with confidence
  • Closing with conviction and follow-up rules

Key Outcome: Know how to follow-up strategically to win more clients.

Guide Included: Guidelines for follow-up and retaining clients.

How will this sales course benefit you?

If your weaknesses are marketing yourself and creating opportunities over social media – This course will develop your skill set and confidence to identify your future clients, start building rapport, and convert through strategic conversations.

This sales course emphasizes how “personalities will thrive” in the current markets…

This course is for you if you are:

  • A HR consultancy that is driven to increase client base and revenue via proactive selling.
  • A HR professional currently working in corporate but looking to start your own consultancy.


All levels of experience will benefit from the selling techniques and tips covered within this course.

Jamie’s Profile:

  • Jamie Martin is Managing Director of Correct Careers Coaching – A Modern Sales Training and Strategy business
  • Jamie has 10+ years’ successful sales experience (B2B) working within the corporate sales, marketing, media, and recruitment/headhunting world
  • Correct Careers Coaching recently winning the Best SME Sales Training Consultancy - South West England (2020) award

Ben’s Profile:

Ben is a former HR consultant-turned marketing consultant for businesses in the Human Resources industry. 

Ben is the founder of the HR Consultants’ Online Conference, the HR Consultant Bootcamp, and host of  the A Better HR Business podcast.

Find out more by visiting,

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Correct Careers Coaching is passionate about employee retention, development, and inspiring career success.

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