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Can Audio Still be Heard?

Technology is moving so fast in this day and age, from smartphones to tech which makes our lives easier and more productive to technology which sells convenience, how can we use this in our business? Or do we run the risk of letting it interfere with our day to day relationships with our customers?

Smartphones have influenced our lives in such a way where we are constantly and consistently consuming content and the fight for attention is becoming increasingly more fierce. As a business your content really needs to stand out and resonate with your audience. Which is why video is becoming and continues to become a huge part of a businesses marketing strategy. But in this day and age with the way people consume content, one medium of content is not enough, people want to consume content all the time and in this blog I want to explore where I see there to be huge opportunities for the future.

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The Plight of the Podcast

When people use the word Podcast these days, I often feel that many people think that this medium is outdated and considered an inferior form media for getting your message across to your customers. I feel that this is due to the fact that the podcast is not a 'direct' marketing tool. I think the big questions content creators and businesses ask are who listens to podcasts? Are they right for me? How do I get my message across? The answer to this question is very personal to your business and your strategy. These are difficult questions to answer but if you can get past those, and get a plan in place, start creating content, in the long term, it will be worth it. Trust me read on.



But as a quick glance the trick to biz dev in podcasts is appearing on other people's and getting people to guest on yours. This not only shows your network but also your knowledge of your chosen industry. Keep up to date with current issues in your industry to keep your content relevant and talk about them with industry experts to establish your authority in your field.


The Voice

So this is the exciting part. You may be wondering why I'm talking so much about podcasts, a medium considered inferior to video in this age. Voice activated technology is becoming more and more available in our daily lives these days. Amazon's Alexa has taken up residence in my home and Total's own Matt Hardy can be constantly heard across the office chatting to his good mate Siri.

This technology, although been around for a while is only really starting to integrate itself into our daily lives and reveal it's true power. With more and more technology becoming readily available, audio is making a comeback (see where I'm going with this?). With people wanting to consume content as they are completing other tasks so, for example asking Alexa to play your favourite music is super convenient. I envision making your content consumable across multiple devices is going to be the key moving forward to maintain relevance. Voice activated technology has only scratched the surface of what it could potentially unlock for businesses looking to create content. So you may want to consider how you can invest some time into the development of audio content for your business to integrate into this into your strategy.


Capture Attention, Capture Time

As I'm sure you read in every single blog post about technology these days, time is our most valuable commodity to us these days. Along with attention it is today's currency. This is what you need to capture in the smallest amount of time possible to get the greatest reaction or engagement from your content. This is where voice activated technology comes in. Imagine the clock radio of the new age. What if your podcast was the first thing your consumer asked Alexa to play in the morning. What if in that short space of time where people want to engage their brain before their day at work your product or service was on their mind as they walked through the office door. I know if I have consumed some powerful content before work I try and integrate that in to my day. Podcasts and audio are not dead. It's a way you can keep tap, tap tapping on the shoulder of your consumer. Providing value on a regular basis until that one day where you're the first company on their mind when they pick up the phone.

This has been proven in all other mediums, including podcasting already. But the way we can interact with our technology is changing. We want things immediately and voice activated home and office tech is no longer just a gimmick. It's an opportunity.


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