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Lisa Robyn Wood

Autumn Talk with Lisa Robyn Wood of Grip Coaching Limited

OCTOBER is here, the month the clocks go back, Halloween turns up and it’s dark nights and dark mornings. Yet what is the business landscape like this moth – we talk to business owners every week about their stories.

Today we’re talking to Lisa Robyn Wood, Director, Coach & Podcaster, GRIP Coaching Limited. They offer coaching and training for emerging, evolving, growing leaders to enable them to be even better managers of people; for their performance and their wellbeing and are based in Oxfordshire but available nationwide and globally.

What’s coming up for your business/organisation in Q4?
I have a busy quarter filled with coaching clients, delivering group coaching workshops to set up entrepreneurs for success in 2023, recording season 6 of The Coaching Cast podcast, and planning to achieve my goals next year

October represents several awareness months. Are any of these relevant to you or your business?
World Mental Health Awareness Day 10th October

No Bra Day 13th October…! (A joke…sort of! Always keen to not wear a bra and advocate the associated freedom of doing so!)

Are you doing anything in October for charity or for a community or volunteer project?
Sadly, no due to travel and work commitments but would love to focus more on giving back in 2023 and have plans to integrate this into my business model/purpose for the future

Did you know October 10 was World Mental Health Day – how important is this subject in your business and in your life? Why:
Wellbeing and mental health are topics which I am especially passionate about – in a work context but also personally – as my family have a history with poor mental health. My mum suffered with severe endometriosis and had a full hysterectomy in her mid 30’s which triggered early menopause and escalated into a mental breakdown when I was 16. My middle sister, who is only 18 months younger than me, has sadly suffered with poor and very challenging mental health throughout her adult life and was sectioned in 2013 which was a traumatic time for her and my family. My sister now lives freely and independently in supported adult housing and continues to make incremental gains in her health. We are very close and she is honestly one of the kindest, gentlest, most resilient souls I’ve ever known – a true example for me, and others, to follow.

For me your mental health is the foundation for everything and looking after your brain health is critically important to experience a happy, fulfilled, satisfying life. We ALL have mental health, and I am passionate about breaking the stigma around this and driving conversations that acknowledge this in the work environment for wellbeing IS performance. The better we feel, the better we perform, and the greater success we experience.

What practical activities do you participate in at home or at work to protect your mental health?
One of the simplest steps I take daily is to get out of bed and not languish there in the mornings for too long. I find that when I get out of bed when my alarm goes off, around 7:30/8am, I attack the day with more energy and a clearer head. I also try to get outside as early as I can and exercise – walk the dog or go for a run. I find the act of getting my body moving very beneficial as well as being outside in the fresh air.

Finally, I write, whether it be lists of things to do or thoughts. Writing things down and getting out of my head is a helpful way to support my productivity and focus, as well as managing any anxiety I am feeling.

Clocks go back this month and we get an extra hour in bed. How do you feel about the darker nights etc?
Darker nights do not bother me. I find the darker, colder mornings more challenging, and they tend to tempt me to stay in bed which as per my previous answer is not helpful when I am trying to positively manage my mental health and mood.

Have you got any other news you’d you’d like to shout about?
Season 6 of my podcast The Coaching Cast, which I host with my friend and fellow Coach Suzy Hunt, is out from 11th October 2022 and contains a range of new topics to support anyone in work – whether you lead people or not – including managing toxic bosses, how to be more assertive, and the interesting leadership philosophy of radical candour. You can listen across all major platforms and watch the recordings of the episodes on YouTube and via our website

Have you got any services or special offers you’d like to mention?
I have a few spaces available for 1-2-1 coaching in November and already filling my diary for 2023. I offer a range of packages to suit individuals’ needs, availability, and budget. These are as follows:

  • Focused: Have a current challenge you wish to resolve or goal you want to achieve quickly but unsure how? Choose this package for 3 coaching sessions over 6-8 weeks
  • Midterm: If you want a plan to take action over a short to medium timeframe then choose this package to give you greater support for an extended period. Includes 6 coaching sessions over 6 months.
  • Nurture:  Are you seeking support, and guidance, and someone to be your cheerleader as you progress through a transition or change in your career? Choose this package to give you that long-term support. 12 sessions over 12 months.

All packages include a DISC personality profile report to give you detailed insight into your preferred behaviour and style, to contribute to increasing your skills and knowledge and achieve your goals. Bespoke group coaching and training for teams is also available for businesses upon request.

And finally, tell us one thing you love about the autumn/winter months? 
I actually love the cold – especially fresh, cold, clear autumnal days where I can throw on a coat, one of my many knitted beanies, and take the dog for a walk amongst the golden and bronze leaves, via a pub with a roaring fire, and a great pint of beer or glass of red wine. Cliched? Probably!


Visit and for the podcast ‘The Coaching Cast’.

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