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Why should businesses advertise with the Swindon Wildcats?

Deciding on your business' advertising and marketing plans can be incredibly difficult, but have you ever considered advertising with one of Swindon's local professional sports teams? The Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Team provide a five-star unique advertising service that gets your brand exposed to the local community and in front of the people you want. Find out more about why advertising with the Swindon Wildcats might be the perfect choice for your business.

Read below as Swindon Wildcats' Commercial Manager, Sally Price, answers the all-important questions on why you should consider advertising with the Swindon Wildcats...

How does sponsoring a professional sports outfit compare to advertising with other organisations?

I believe that advertising and sponsorship are different in so many ways. Advertising is simply displaying an advert and hoping it will gain business from the exposure, where sponsorship is about building a mutually beneficially relationship between two parties, where you offer business support, a customer care plan alongside the brand awareness to increase the ROI. 

By supporting a community-focused organisation such as the Swindon Wildcats you will naturally raise your company profile. In a time where 71% of customers prefer buying from a company that aligns with their values, supporting the Wildcats can strengthen the perception that you care about the same things your customers do, their community, their home team, and their social life. Swindon Wildcats also have one of the largest junior hockey programs in the UK and pride themselves on local community involvement

For me sponsoring a pro sports club brings all these great things, we won’t just display your brand in the hope you may get some business from it. 

Sports sponsorship is more of a personal touch, you get a dedicated marketing plan put in place to help you achieve your company goals and get the very most out of your sponsorship. 

What are the key benefits of sponsoring the Swindon Wildcats?

There really are so many benefits of coming on board with the Cats, but to name a few. 

  • Reach a wider unique audience and raise your company profile 
  • Increase brand awareness and digital online presence  
  • Be a part of a hockey community - engage with the players, attend the games, reward staff and clients with tickets and hospitality
  • Ice-rink branding will receive all year-round exposure as the leisure centre is open 7 days per week with an annual footfall of 250K

Ice-rink branding will feature in:

  1. Live Game Stream - accessed by a worldwide audience
  2. Game Night Action Shots – seen in Local newspapers, magazines, and online social platforms
  3. Game Night Video Footage – used in Cats TV highlights shared across our social media platforms 

How do sponsorship packages with the Swindon Wildcats work?

We will advise you on an advertising option that is best suited to promote your brand, then we will build you a bespoke package around it based on your level of sponsorship which can include exciting promotional opportunities to use throughout the season. 

Do I get any exclusive perks by becoming a Swindon Wildcats sponsor?

We can offer some great perks when coming on board with the Wildcats!

  • Complimentary tickets/Corporate ticket offers for staff and clients
  • Networking Events and Corporate Hospitality 
  • B2B introductions to other sponsors on board
  • Marketing Campaigns and Digital Coverage
  • Company features on our official Website, App and E-news letter
  • Game night features on- Big Screen, Live Stream and PA Announcements
  • Promotional/Event support from the Wildcats team and players

What would you say is the best thing about sponsoring the Swindon Wildcats?

I would say it’s the personal touch that makes the Wildcats such a great team to be involved with. The 121-marketing plan is tailored to your company, stat reports to track your sponsorships success, regular commercial newsletters and club updates, team involvement and events and generally being a part of a community, as we call it our ‘Hockey Family’.  

Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey

Swindon Wildcats

The Swindon Wildcats are Swindon's only Ice Hockey team playing in England's National Ice Hockey League (NIHL). Wildcats fixtures are played at the Better Link Centre in Swindon which has been the home of the Wildcats since the clubs inception in 1986.

The Link Centre , Whitehill Way , Swindon , Wiltshire, SN5 7DL

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