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3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Product Photographer to Market Your Restaurant

Whether you are a new restaurant about to launch or one that is looking to up its patronage, marketing is what you will need to bring in the traffic. Online marketing does work best because you can get the broadest reach, but even when developing an online marketing strategy, you must also market to locals as well.

When it comes to getting people interested in sampling your menu, never underestimate the importance of hiring a highly successful product photographer. Wondering why a professional still life photographer is so important? Here are three reasons to think about.

1. Visuals Are Your Front Line Offensive

Consider marketing in terms of a football game. You never want to be on the defensive competing with other restaurants in your area. Instead, you want to be on the offensive line, which is working toward a strategy of scoring a point. When it comes to enticing someone to sample your menu offerings, a good video presentation is almost as effective as letting them taste your cuisine.

According to one culinary arts instructor from the Art Institute of Seattle, “We eat first with our eyes.” David Wynne knows just how effective plating can be and taking that one step farther, photos have the very same effect when whetting the palate.

Howlett Photography recently worked with Coca-Cola on a still life photography campaign that would showcase the drinks with things you’d eat whilst watching the game. In an article about the photos, Howlett Photography explained that they deliberately didn’t include any props as each shot was to be accompanied by text and other unique graphics instead. This level of detail is something that professional photographers will take into consideration when working on your marketing campaign to ensure you see the best results.

2. Something Always Gets Lost in the Translation

Did you know that it only takes about eight seconds to lose the average person’s interest when introducing new brands or products online? That’s literally all you’ve got, at best, to capture their attention long enough to get them to read what you have to say about your restaurant. That’s the best case scenario. Worst case scenario?

Most people will click on by your site within just 3-4 seconds if they don’t see something that interests them. And, what could be more enticing than a professional product shot of some of your best menu items? As mentioned above, presentation goes a very long way and a professional product photographer will help you plate your best dishes so that they are literally a work of art.

3. You Get What You Pay For

Many restaurants simply take quick shots of their dishes with their mobile phones. While those may be very good, they aren’t geared toward selling product. A high-quality photo has more than just high megapixels to consider. Lighting, angle, and background are among other elements of a great product photo, and that’s something the average person is ill-equipped to handle. If you want to create an effective marketing strategy, always hire a professional still life photographer who is in the business of making every picture a literal work of art.

Remember, every successful restaurant invested in marketing and if you want to capture the largest audience possible, don’t lose them to other restaurants in your area that went the extra mile in paying for a professional photographer and then a marketing team. When it comes to food, pictures sell, and when it comes to pictures, professional quality sells best of all. That’s the bottom line.

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